FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is there added sugar in Blender products?

No, Blender does not use any added sugar in our products. Our smoothies have fresh ingredients. Depends on the smoothie, we might add some superfood powder – spirulina, protein, matcha, etc. In these cases, you already see it in the ingredients list. Generally, our smoothies and fresh juices are from fruits, berries, and vegetables. Easy and healthy to consume.

Does Blender serve any food besides smoothies?

Yes! In addition to nutritious and delicious smoothies, we also offer honest-food as salads, bowls, and our signature “sandwiches”. Our food is not traditional fast food- we are fast, but our products are rather fresh than fries. As well, you can order salads and sandwiches with pesto and avocado ending up with salmon, chicken fillet, and hummus.

Is it possible to get coffee from Blender?

Yes! Blender serves the best coffee in the city, Our coffee beans are from local roastery called Coffee People, made with heart, care, and love. Get the coffee on a go or enjoy it on the spot. Even though our coffee cups are made sustainable and eco-friendly, you still get a discount with your own cup with you.

How long it takes to get smoothie and food?

Blender is an excellent example that fast is not always unhealthy and fried. Our free smoothie-salad or sandwich is getting ready generally in 5-10 minutes. So basically you can have it on a go, all smooth and healthy. To get everything on time, you can pre-order through Wolt & Bolt Food App.

How to get a job in Blender?

Let us know about your wish and fill in the application form. There are never enough good people out there.




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