100% honest fresh and healty meal, snack or food-break

Blender has a mission to be smoothie- and coffee bar with the attitude. Bring your health, energy level, and vitamins to a new level!

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Our smoothies, juices, and sandwiches are made with no added sugars and out of fresh ingredients. This is your healthy combo of vitamins and nutritious food

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Your rock'n'roll side

For all our products, we have given Blender a rock'n'roll alike Boombastic names that start the amazing beat in you and in us. Trust us, they will bring out that rock'n'roll side in you!

Health, colors, and music is our fuel in Blender! As we truly believe it will move you as well. Your body is grateful for the meal — fresh smoothies, healthy sandwiches, tasty salads with many products also suitable for vegans.

If you wish, we can even be in your event with Blender Catering

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#Crap-Free Food

Blender is an excellent sample that speed (FAST) and healthy food can work together

Blender food is 100% honest - fresh, genuine, and healthy snacks or meals. No added sugar neither any colors or other food additives

"I do not have time for a healthy meal" is no excuse any more - Blender smoothies, salads, and meals get ready fast and you can witness it. So You can have Blender for your breakfast, brunch, healthy lunch, or post-workout protein boost. Or why not even for dinner? Many of our products are also suitable for vegans.

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Perfect coffee is the starter of a great day and companion until the evening! Therefore besides smoothies and fresh juices, we also serve you the best coffee in the city. Morning or evening - hot or cold, come and get some!

Cappuccino smell is the best awakener? We feel you! Ask our staff. Latte - go, let's go! And for a bonus, you get a nice milk foam-heart on your coffee. Whatever is the coffee you like, you get it from us. Regular milk or plant-based milk, we have it all. Your healthy "me" starts from here and today!

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Blender staff - the positive meeting of your day

Blender baristas have a smile and a positive attitude. Caution: it is addictive!

He or she suggests you always the best deals and offers we have, as well as takes account of your wishes. He or she gets energy from healthy and positive people. Blender barista has good humor and with that rock'n'roll vibe, you get a great shot of positivity and vitamins for the rest of your day. TIP: try to meet him or her as early as possible, so the effect would last longer

Blender is a perfect place to start or finish your day

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